This week I would like to describe a little bit about what I do when I go out to photograph.  Perhaps an insight in the process I go through. My experience is certainly not unusual for those of you who are street photographers. However, it may be interesting and informative for non-photographers.

I leisurely walk around in a chosen area of town, looking for something interesting.  Maybe the light is special, maybe the area is graphically appealing. Or, maybe I just feel attracted by something that I can't quite describe. After further inspection, I look for an angle of view, a composition that will work. I try to pre-visualize what the photo may look like. I set the stage, so to speak.

That’s what happened in this week’s photograph. The puddle of water reflected the commercial building and electrical pole. I thought, perhaps I could do something with that.

I was missing one thing, the human element. So I waited, and being in an industrial area the foot traffic was quite scarce. But I was in no hurry. That is the fun part of what I do, no rushing, I enjoy the moment.

Eventually a bicycle rider came along, and being ready with framing already in mind, I pressed the shutter and took one frame.  Through the viewfinder I saw the scene and had hoped I captured it.  On this particular day I was shooting with my film camera, so there was no LCD screen on the back to check whether I got the shot or not. That is where it gets really exciting for me. Did I get it?  Will it turn out as I saw it?

I actually really enjoy the anticipation that comes with not knowing, until I develop the film, what (if anything) I actually got.  Most important is that I saw that scene. Captured it or not becomes somewhat secondary.

Back to the story of that day. I knew I was not completely done with this particular spot. Determined, I waited longer and was rewarded by another passerby. This lady walked across my stage without knowing and clearly was into her own thing. I pressed the shutter, this time I had more confidence that I might have "gotten" it!

As you might now imagine, I was quite pleased when I pulled the negative out of the developing tank and inspected the five frames of that series that I had shot that afternoon in an up and coming neighborhood of Portland.

Obviously I am displaying this photograph in a way that is hopefully challenging your senses.  I hope I caught your attention!

Thank you for visiting.  Until next time.