The Ice Cream Man

Anticipation is what comes to mind when I look at this photograph I took in the St Johns neighborhood of Portland during the Jazz Festival. 

I was there primarily to listen to the different bands that were playing, but of course I had my camera with me.  Ready to use it if was lead to.

I was there observing the unfolding of what may appear as an ordinary moment but it was probably not trivial for the participants, the three little kids and the "Ice Cream Man". 

I was trying to document the interaction. Trying to not disturb what was going on, I was fortunate enough to capture the worried look on the faces of these two little girls.  Were they going to get an ice cream from the "Ice Cream Man"? The little boy already got his…  

They all clearly were unaware of my presence.  The ice cream was the focus and the only focus.  

Perhaps there is a more involved story behind this situation.  I hoped to give the viewer an opportunity to make his or her version of what transpired that lovely summer day in Portland.  It might even bring back some pleasant memories to some of you who have had encounters with the "Ice Cream Man".  Can you hear the unmistakable music of his truck?

And yes, if you are wondering if they got their ice creams, they sure did, and all were very happy.  They vanished quickly. 

Perhaps they were not as happy as the "Ice Cream Man" who was beaming.  He made a difference for these kids if only  for a little while.

I tried to "work" the scene and took a series of photographs around this "encounter" and these were the two that best illustrated the feeling of that ordinary moment. 

I briefly chatted with the "Ice Cream Man" afterwards and he shared with me how little moments, like this one, make his day.

I had equally enjoyed the moment, recording  photographically this small slice of time.