This post is a follow up of sort to my previous post "Anticipation".

I was walking around the Pearl district, on "First Thursday", figuring that I would come across some interesting people, or situation. I took a few photographs but was not feeling very inspired.  Nothing too exciting or perhaps I was not into it that particular evening.  

The light was getting less and less interesting and it quickly got dark. I thought it was time to switch gear and get in the "night photography" frame of mind. The large contrast between bright and dark zones can really provide an appealing look (at least it does to me).

As described in my previous post, I looked for a background or "stage" that could provide a nice scene. I found this very large garage door for an underground parking. It is actually more of a grid with the ramp down to the garage very brightly lit.
Now it was time to find the right subject to "enter" the scene.

I waited and a few persons walked by. I took a few shots and was able to assess the framing, lighting, etc. on the back of my camera as I was using my digital camera this particular day.

The setting seemed OK but I was not getting anything very good. Suddenly a gentleman came by, he was walking his rather large dog. I thought "that's it", I will wait for somebody with a dog (a pet could make the photo more interesting). So I waited patiently. It was that time of evening when it was more likely that pet owners would take them out after being inside all day.

I was rewarded (at least I felt that way), when this woman and her poodle walked in front of me. I quickly took two photos and had a good feeling about it.  I checked the LCD screen and felt confident that it would turn out fairly interesting.

As I got the chance to review the shot on a larger screen, I became happier with the result.  I really like their posture, and how the two of them are in stride, both full of confidence and drive with their chins up. It must be true that people and their pets often adopt similar postures and attitudes.  This was perhaps a good example of that and it made me smile.