I would like to discuss rain and a few observations that I made on this particular day when I was walking around with my camera in Old Town.

Obviously this photograph was made a while back as most of us have now forgotten what rain looks like.  I thought it would be an appropriate subject for this week post,  soon after all of Oregon, including the city of Portland, has been declared in a drought.

I positioned myself at a street corner, lucky enough to be underneath the awning of a closed business.  I waited for something to happen,  as I typically enjoy doing when I am out and about photographing.  Considering the weather condition, you might imagine that not much was going on.

I was patient and observed several different behaviors of passerby handling the rain.  The casual "I have all the time in the world under my oversized golf umbrella" and yet rare in Portland. The much more frequent " I have the proper gear, seemingly designed exclusively for the Pacific Northwest".  The "I am just wearing a tee-shirt, I am soaked, and I really don't care".

Some of the people I observe had interesting strategies on how to protect themselves.  Beyond the obvious umbrella and rain gear, I noted some unusual ones.  The high-tech use of a tablet to protect a carefully made hairdo.  The newspaper style, not very effective I thought.

And then came this lady, with a style I had not observed yet.  I was fascinated and rather happy I was able to capture the moment.  First the hand position, half way between making some sort of a hat and a gesture imploring the gods to hold the rain just long enough for her to cross the street and reach cover.  Second, safety, looking to the right for potential vehicles in this one way street.  Third, I am not quite sure, is it a running start or some sort of freestyle dive into the puddle forming by the curb?

She seemed quite determined but had a smile on her face, probably thinking that she was going to get really wet in spite of her efforts and ingenuity.

Anyone who has lived in Portland long enough knows that it never rains that hard very long, and perhaps waiting under cover for a few minutes, might be the best option.

The gentleman in the background seemed to do just that even though he appeared well equipped. I wondered if he observed the same scene I did and what he thought about it.

It was a classic and yet completely ordinary moment, and I was there with my camera.  After many weeks of unusually hot and dry weather, I hope you enjoyed this story.