Isn’t it wonderful living here? We live in a area abounding with culture, diversity and tolerance. We as photographers have no shortage of subjects. Whether you’re seeking the everyday life of a Portlander, an activist, bike rider, or a place teaming with tourists and the vendors who fleece them, we have an abundance of places to see and photograph people.

Photographic opportunity, and particular events that may be great to partake (and photograph) can be found in social media, by word of mouth, or as advertised in local newspapers and televised news programs. There are many events in Portland where the participants practically beg to be seen and photographed; perhaps none as much as the annual PDX Zombie Walk.

The great thing about being a street photographer at the Zombie Walk is it’s extremely easy to come out of your shell and get people to pose for you (if that’s something you need to work on). Making more candid shots is very easy too, if you prefer, however you might be passing up a great chance.

The funny aspect to all of this is that these zombies aren’t supposed to break character. More so in the past years than in the most recent, but generally speaking most of the folks abide by their commitment to zombie-ness. If you are getting people to pose for you, it’s as if one of you is a foreigner because you can speak to them normally but they just acknowledge in their own zombie way. The subject in this week’s image was a more than willing participant. For me, images like this are gratifying because on the street I tend to stay invisible as best I can, interacting with my subjects is kept to an absolute minimum.

My advice in all of this is to look for the unusual opportunities or events to make pictures that are unique. I promise, getting out there and putting yourself out there will bring you some exhilaration and/or revitalization for the pursuit.