Lawn Repose

The very act of photographing the world makes me look at the things in with new perspective. I was walking around the Portland waterfront at the start of Fleet Week in lead up to the Rose Parade. I thought to take some photos of the ships from the roadway deck of the Steel Bridge and was on my way up the ramp when I happened to look down.

At first glance I thought they were just a couple of Portlanders laying on the lawn, enjoying the evening. A second glance confirmed that they were part of the large transient population. That started me considering that unlike most people, this couple didn't have the luxury of choosing whether to sleep out in the park or not. That rather than enjoying a nice evening out, they were just trying to find some place to relax, maybe sleep, away from hubbub.

But then I pivoted and considered that it's just as likely that they just found a really nice place in the park and lay out a blanket like anyone else would have and were enjoying a nice evening on the waterfront. Even within difficult lives there are moments of joy, peace, love, happiness. Why not these two at that moment?

Here are a couple on the lawn. Sharing a peaceful moment.