Once again I am roaming the streets of Portland, so to speak.  I am walking around and observing life around me.  Obviously I always have my camera with me, in hand and ready to shoot.  Sometimes I don't photograph much, and only absorb little encounters, slices of everyday moments.  It can be just a brief chat, about the weather, or any other subject, such as this weekend, when a young man asked me if the smoke was from increased use of pot in Oregon or from wild fires. It certainly can be entertaining.

The street is a nice stage to see life happen, I suppose, if you are interested in the least.  Clearly I am,  so much so that I like to document it.  So here I go, looking for interesting subjects, and hopefully capture an image, or representation of what I just experienced.

This leads to the photograph for today's post.  A meeting between total strangers which was in theory unlikely to occur.  In this usually crowded area of Old Town, especially on weekends, I came about this scene with two young persons and this nice gentleman.  Nice I think, as he clearly was interested in engaging the other two, in a very friendly manner.  I listened for a bit, trying to make myself invisible.  It was not so difficult, because of the heavy pedestrian traffic there.  He shared some of his wisdom with them, undoubtedly, hoping to touch them in some ways.  They seemed a bit uncomfortable at first but relaxed as they realized that no threat was presented, and listened intently.

I shot two frames, they never saw me or noticed being photographed.  This is the second photo and I like how the three characters interact.  When I looked at it after coming home and developing my negative, I could really experience the moment again.  It was a nice feeling.  Meaningful to me and yet totally ordinary.

Certainly, because I was there,  I have a certain way to look at the photograph, but I am always curious of what other viewers will see in it and what will be their interpretations.  Many I hope, as the story can be told in many ways, just your personal imagination will be the determining factor.  Certainly our previous experiences will affect how we respond when looking at a photograph.

I invite you to take a little more time to observe the scene and come up with your own story.  It is a fun exercise, at least I think so.  I know it can be a tall order as our attention span seems to be shorter and shorter while looking at things (particularly images) on the internet.

Thank you for your visit.  Until next time.