The Light

After walking around and doing some shooting in the old part of Downtown Portland, I decided to stop and have coffee.

Coffee and photography seem to really get along well in my world. I enjoy stopping for a break and contemplating what I already photographed and perhaps what I am planning on doing next.  If I am with other fellow photographers, it is a good  place and time to chat about photography or in many cases about completely unrelated subjects.  In any case I am always happy to sit down and savor an Espresso.  

Back to my story.   On this particular afternoon, the weather was quite nice and at that time the sun was shining harshly in between the buildings downtown.  I entered this fine establishment and was standing in line.  Usually looking around, I noticed from the inside part of the store, some potentially interesting light hitting the front window.  Inspecting the scene more carefully, it had the potential for an interesting photograph.  I figured that the two customers sitting at the front counter would likely be right in the beautiful light.  

I decided to bypass my coffee break and stepped outside, where I realized that indeed the light was quite nice.  The two ladies at the window were involved in an intense discussion.  Intense only by the fact that they were not at all aware of what was going on the sidewalk in front of them, such as passersby and a photographer looking to make a photograph of them.  I shot three frames to make sure that I had an interesting gesture. I ended up with more time to photograph than I expected.  Sometimes, you take the photo and move along to not attract too much attention to yourself.  In retrospect I wish I had waited a bit longer and perhaps caught a more compelling image.

I really like sitting at the front counter of a coffee shop or restaurant or even at a terrace, as it provides an excellent viewpoint for people watching and potentially photographing.  In this particular case, the two subjects were in that exact spot I just mentioned but the role was reversed as they themselves were the subject.  Because of their position at the counter, it was just the same as being in a window display with excellent natural lighting.

Next time, I will wait longer and shoot a few more frames, especially waiting for one of the subject to notice me and catch their first expression.  I am always happy to learn and think of what I could be doing differently next.

All in all, I am happy with the photograph, mostly because of how the light brought the focus on one of the subject in a very pleasing fashion.