I had the distinct pleasure of joining Valerie Jardin on her weekly podcast 'Hit The Streets'.  I hope you listen, and enjoy!

This week is a new Q&A and Photo challenge episode and I invited a former student and one of the admins of the new FB group page, Ryan Katsanes, to co-host with me.

Who is Ryan Katsanes?

Ryan is a Vancouver, Washington based street photographer who shoots mostly just across the Columbia River in Portland, Oregon.  When Ryan’s not on the streets of Portland, he’s busy with his young family, or his day job as a technology consultant, and helping admin the Hit The Streets Facebook group. You can find his portfolio and links to his social media at www.katsanes.com


Ryan and I answer the following questions:

Jens Krauer: "As street photography is to a degree a game of luck, how do you get yourself trough phases in which the luck or the eye is not on your side and you struggle to keep going despite not getting what you are searching for? What are your experiences with these situations?"

Ned Permadi: "I’ve heard many stories about photographers having hard times, feeling down, hitting rock bottom. Stories of photographers feeling inadequacy, doubt, and confusion about the art he used to be passionate about because of external factors such as: harsh criticism, judgmental peers who may or may not understand about photography (in this case: street), and many more. In my case: daily overtimes that drain the willpower to carry on. How do you keep the passion burning against all odds?"

Steve Brokaw: "What is your most memorable street photography experience?"